Jurassic Rocks

Jurassic Rocks have the privilege of giving our World Heritage site it’s popular name, The Jurassic Coast, and form the bulk of the centre of the coast.

The Jurassic Rocks first appear a few miles West of Lyme Regis and form the bulk of the cliffs all the way to Ringstead .

Then again making the cliff face from Gad Cliff to Swanage at the far Eastern point.

Between Warbarrow Bay and St Aldhelms Head  the Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay forms the base of the cliffs with hard Jurassic Portland Limestone forming the tops of the higher cliffs. Between St Aldhelms head and Durlston Head the cliffs are formed by hard Jurassic Portland Limestone.  The coast between Ringstead and Studland Bay is complicated by the Purbeck monocline (a big fold in the rocks). NB. This last paragraph has been Supplied by Earth Science Advisor to the World Heritage Coast

The Jurassic Period is from 200 million years ago to 140 million years ago.

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